12 August 2006


My inlaws are in town for the weekend, which means hubby and I got to go out and see a movie yesterday. Unfortunately, he chose Miami Vice, which is the most boring action movie I have ever seen. Unless you are entertained by people trying to looking stylish while endlessly discussing the details of drug deals, skip this one. Colin Farrell just looks skanky, Jamie Foxx doesn't get to do much of anything, and nothing much happens for over 2 hours.

The people sitting next to us at the theater apparently thought this was a good choice for a movie to bring their 4-year-old to see. Nevermind that most of the rest of the screens were showing things like Ant Bully and Monster House; I guess this kid needed to see (boring) sex scenes, (boring) drug deals, and people getting blown to bits. And actually, the kid sat patiently and quietly for the movie, which is better than his parents did. They spent the whole time either talking on their cell phones or text messaging, so I constanly had little lit phone screens waving around in my peripheral vision.

Tonight we're skipping the movie and just eating out.


sibtigre2 said...

I'm so sorry! That is extremely annoying! Who would bring a four year old to that type of movie?! So glad I went and saw Cars on Thursday instead of Miami Vice!

Knatolee said...

Ah, there's a reason I never go to the movies anymore... actually, there are several reasons! Or I go see them long after the opening, when the theatre is empty.

dephal said...

Thanks for the sympathy!
I rarely get to see grownup movies except via Netflix, and the selection of movies around this neck of the woods generally sucks anyway. Wouldn't it be nice if people just acted with tiny bits of common sense and common courtesy?

Knatolee said...

Manners are DEAD! Drives me insane!