09 August 2006


Knatolee posted a wonderful picture of herself at age 5 with her dog, Gina. I don't have any knitting pictures to post (I'm working on something top secret), so I'm going to shamelessly copy her idea.

This is me at about 3 or 4 with Otis.

But if you don't want to look at this, instead you can click here to read about a group of nursing home residents in Australia who knitted the contents of a 1950's house.


Lauren and Bodhi said...

Have you always had Saints?

dephal said...

Sort of. We had to give Otis away when I was bout 7 because my brother had really severe allergies and asthma (he even ended up in the hospital). And we had no more furry pets as I was growing up. As soon as I had my own house, though, I got a Saint. The only dog I've lived with who wasn't a Saint was Hairy, our newfy.

Knatolee said...

Copy away! I love this!!! I think everybody should post a pic of themselves and their dog at five.

Hmmm, lessseee, you're rolling around the floor with your dog, and I'm sitting bolt upright and frozen with mine. Well... that wasn't really my nature! Probably my mother stapled me to the chair or something.

Great pic!!!