20 August 2006


We visited the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito today. As you can see, Thing 2 was able to explore her potential as an artist. She's quite good at painting...her face, her clothes, her arms, her hair, etc. I love how for kids this age, it's all about the process, rather than the result.

And if you get to run around like a maniac, climb onto boats, and make a lot of noise? So much the better!


Knatolee said...

You know, you have the cutest Things! And I encourage their creativity, being the artiste (pronounced AR-TEEEESTE, dontcha know) that I am!

Hey, I went to Sausalito with my Mum in 1977. I remember I really liked the name. So like "sausage"! ;)

dephal said...

Thing 2 is an arteeeest as well, but we think her future lies in the performing arts, more than the visual.

As for Sausalito, that's where I live in the alternate universe in which I am a wealthy, but slightly reclusive author.