22 January 2007

C is for...

I stole this meme from Leanne. The idea is you get a letter, and then list 10 things that begin with that letter that have significance to your life. If any of you want to play, just email me or leave me a comment, and I'll send you your letter. Leanne gave me C, so here goes:

1. children
Well, obviously my kids are extremely important to me! I didn't have kids until well into my 30s, and I could have had a happy life without them, but I sure am glad they're here. Children help me add perspective to my life, make me see new things, and make me see old things in new ways. One of my favorite movies is Parenthood with Steve Martin, and there's a great part where the movie compares parenthood to a roller coaster. I think that's a perfect analogy, except this coaster's track always changes. Just when you figure you have the ride down, you get thrown for a loop. Having children also changes how the world relates to me. People who wouldn't otherwise speak to me, do. Lots of people know me only as Thing 1's or Thing 2's Mom. Yesterday I accidentally slammed Thing 2's finger in my car door. Without children, I would have gone my whole life without feeling that certain combination of guilt and panic that follows an incident like that.

2. creativity
I don't claim to be the most creative person in the world. In fact, I know for a fact that some of you are more creatve than me. But I value creativity very highly. To me, it means not only the ability to make new things, but also the ability to tackle problems in fresh ways. To think outside the box, to use an overused phrase.

3. classes
I have spent virtually my entire life in classes, either as a student or as a teacher. I can't imagine life not revolving around school. Even now, when I dream about what I'd like to do when I retire, taking classes figures high on my list.

4. chapters
I am obsessed with books. I have a lot of them--far more than I have time to read--and yet I can't stop myself from buying more. And I do love to read them. Once, when I was maybe 12, I was sitting on my front patio with my feet up, reading a book. I must have been sitting still a long time, because when I finished the book I saw that a spider had spun an entire web using the book, my chair, and various parts of me as anchor points.

I like to write books, too. I've written 1 whole book, and parts of several more. These are all academic books, but I also like to write fiction (although my fiction has never been published). One of my dream jobs is Successful Author.

5. crafting
I've always enjoyed crafting of just about any kind. I have a mini-Michaels worth of crafting materials in my house. I have a crafty family. My Mom crafts, my sister has a craft business, my brother does woodwork, my kids craft. My enforced craft sabbatical for the past 10 days has been very, very hard to take. But it's over now. :-)

6. collecting
I collect things. I may be slightly compulsive (hey--that's another C word!), although I haven't yet turned into one of those people whose house is filled with piles of newspaper and old mail. Besides my yarn and book collections, I also have collections of Saint Bernard stuff, blue glass, gargoyles, postcards, and floaty pens. Nobody ever, ever has a hard time finding a present for me.

7. career
My career is very important to me, very central to my idea of who I am. There are times when it's frustrating, boring, or upsetting, but mostly I like it a lot. Which is good, consdering the years of graduate training it took to get here.

8. canines
Wouldn't life be a much more boring place without dogs? I like animals in general, but dogs have a special place in my heart.

9. constitution
It's not just that I have a law degree and teach criminal justice (another C phrase!). I'm passionate about the Constitution and protecting the rights it contains. I'm currently the co-chair of my local ACLU chapter.

10. carpal tunnel
It is to be hoped that this recent and tedious theme will cease to be of importance in my life.


Craft Princess said...

I think you have come such a long way into slowly carving the beautiful life that you have now. It is so wonderful to know that you are so firm in your beliefs and success is definitely yours for many years to come. I wish you speedy recovery and may God bless your soul and your family.

Knatolee said...

I LOVED this post!! My very favourite part was the spider spinning its web while you were reading. Interestingly, I love books like you do. No wonder we're friends! :) Movers hate us because of all the boxes and boxes of books. I think books are the best thing in the world to spend money on.

You are a very creative and interesting woman, my dear! And yes, let's knock carpal tunnel off the list.

Genny said...

What Nat said! I love this post too! I'm game. Can you give me a letter?