17 January 2007


My hand is healing, little bit better every day. Luckily, there's been very little pain, just the annoyance of trying to do everything left-handed. And it is *so* freaking obnoxious to watch tv or movies without knitting needles in my hands! I keep wandering up to visit my stash and fondle it wistfully. With my left hand.

Meantime, there is preparation for travel! I'm heading to Sausalito this weekend with some girlfriends, and in 2 weeks we're bravely taking the Things to Florida for a week at Disneyworld. I hope I'll be knitting again by then, so I can pass the time on the long flight--or use the needles to poke naughty children.


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and then some great fun days at disney's!
I'll let you known when my pack is going "on the way".


dephal said...

Thank you, Eve! :-)