18 January 2007

Ski Bum

Thing 1 and Hubby went skiing today. I did not. My one attempt at skiing resulted in several days on crutches, and my limbs are only partially functional now as it is.
They had a great time, though. Next year, Thing 2 can learn how. I have fantasies of curling by a fire with a book and hot cocoa while they pay good money to hurl themselves down mountains.
PS--I knitted that sweater she's wearing, many years ago, actually before she was even born. Ten billion ends to weave in, but it is cute on her! I don't know how she managed to avoid hitting anything with all that hair in her face.


Anonymous said...

Where is this? Lake big bear??


dephal said...

Nope, this is at Dodge Ridge. It's not the best skiing in the Sierras, but it's the closest to us--only 1 1/2 hours away. When Thing 1 improves her skiing some more, Hubby can take her to Big Bear or to one of the ski resorts at Lake Tahoe.

Right next to Dodge Ridge is Pinecrest Lake, where we always take Ruthie and the girls for snow play. The lake is pretty empty in the winter, and you can sled down it.

Knatolee said...

Love the sweater! She looks like she's having a wonderful time.

We bought cross-country skis on Friday and yesterday I skiied (x-country) for the first time in over 20 years. I fell on my ass six times before I finally remembered what I was doing. No injuries, but I think cross-country is inherently less dangerous than downhill. :)