04 January 2007

Pirate project in progress

This is the project I'm trying hard to finish before I get my hand sliced open next Friday. It will be a raglan-sleeve pullover for Thing 2, who badly wants a pirate sweater. You're looking at the back and the front. I'm about halfway finished with the first sleeve, so I might just finish in time. The skull pattern is from the current issue of Knit.1, and the sweater pattern is from Junior Knits. I'm using KnitPicks Swish Superwash in black and the natural color is Bare Superwash Worsted. It's nice, soft yarn to work with, not scratchy at all, and of course machine washable.

And the orthopedist says I should be able to do a bit of knitting within a week or so of the surgery, but will have to ease back into lengthier sessions.


Anonymous said...

Man! You are a knitting MACHINE!!

I hope you don't have too much knitting withdrawal after your surgery, and mainly I hope it makes you feel much, much better!

dephal said...

Thanks, Knat! :-)

Kelly said...

The sweater looks great! It's good that you'll be able to knit a little. Good luck with the surgery!