20 January 2007


This is the view from the room I shared with my friends at the Inn Above Tide in Sausalito. The hotel is, literally, above the tide. Sea lions swam right below us, pelicans dived, kayakers paddled. The rooms are quite pricey, but it's a very nice place. Only 29 rooms, pleasant service, nice wine and cheese in the evening, very nice breakfast in the morning. And the view, which you get from every room.

The ferries dock next door, so Friday we took a ferry to the Ferry Building in SF, had lunch, and shopped a bit. Some fleur de sel caramels from Recchiuti may have made their way into my hands, but I won't confirm that.

Today we went to Heath Ceramics, which is located in Sausalito. I've admired their wares for some time. We got a tour of the factory, during which I learned how much labor goes into producing their pieces. This little vase came home with me for Hubby:

If I'm ever wealthy all my dishes will be Heath.

Finally, we walked around downtown Sausalito. There are, alas, no yarn stores, but I did make one major score:

I bought 10 of these, which was nearly their entire inventory. I may share with Hubby.


Kelly said...

Sounds wonderful. Glad your having a good time!

Eve said...

I love the vase - and hey, I have also been in Sausalito (but 9 years ago....)
Ps. the "letter" is on it's way - look for the postman!