04 January 2007

"My Second Story" by me

Here is Thing 1's second tale, verbatim:

My Second Story by me
Once upon a time, again, this is after 6 years with Ajeta and Kina. Well, one day, an evil samurai master wanted to rule the world. But Ajeta already knew he was evil and wanted to rule the world. So the next day Ajeta bowed to the king in the king's palace. The king's name was Oberon. Oberon asked Ajeta if he would help Oberon by saving the kingdom from the evil samurai master from becoming king. And Ajeta said, "Yes, I will." and so the deal was made. If Ajeta won the battle, then Ajeta would give Oberon lots of his treasures. (if he had any.) Well, king Oberon asked Ajeta if he had any. Ajeta said "yes" to that question, too. And so one day 6 days after the day that Ajeta made a deal with the king, Ajeta went to the evil samurai master's pretend palace. Ajeta said to the samurai master, "Are you the samurai master who is evil and wants to be king?" "Yes." said the evil samurai master. "Do you have any slaves?" asked Ajeta. "Why, slaves? What kind of slaves?" asked the evil sumurai master. Ajeta answered, "the kind that feed you and serve you." And the samurai master, who's name is Emika, said, "Why, no one has ever asked me that before and your answer is no. DO you have a wife?" he asked. (the master asked.) "Yes." Ajeta said. "She is beutiful and her name is Kina." "What a beutiful name." said Emika. Emika started to cry. "I know I'm evil! I promise I'll be good! Please! don't tell the king I said no to your question about being bad! I'll say yes every time you ask that question!" he started to cry more, then started to wail. "ther, there. It's all right. I like you." said Ajeta. "You, you, you do?" asked Emika. "Uh huh." said Ajeta. "Please, bring me to the real palasce." said Emika. "I want to tell King Oberon something." SO they went to King oberon's castle. "King Oberon." said Emika. "Can I be king after Ajeta If I be the good the rest of the way while your king than Ajeta's king?" asked Emika, shy to ask. "Well, as long as your good," said Oberon. So Emika asked Ajeta if Emika could be Ajeta's servent. Ajeta said "yes" so they all lived happily ever After.
This ode to the power of careful diplomacy is illustrated with a drawing of Ajeta, Kina, and Emika all looking happy.

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