18 January 2007


At the end of every semester, the students in my classes get a chance to fill out evaluations of me. The front of the eval form has a bunch of fairly useless things the students can rate me on, and the back has a big blank spot where they can write comments. The comments are anonymous and I don't get them back until after grades are in. Here are a few of my favorites from Fall 2006:
  • I would like to see more videos of you doing psychological experiments on your kids; those were very entertaining
  • Class is interesting. Although I am doing very crappy in the class, you are doing a good job of teaching the class and applying the reasoning of the courts to fit our understanding.
  • Stop putting in your political opinions and basis [sic]
  • Students would appreciate having their opinions on the hiring of new faculty listened to
  • This was a CJ class not a poli sci class, thus you lost a lot of students when you stated your political point of view

Apparently, only poli sci professors can discuss political views, because politics has nothing whatsoever to do with criminal justice.

Several students said I am "though but fair." I might like to have this tattooed on me somewhere, if I could think of an appropriate illustration to accompany it.


KarmasKreations said...

What? No comments on your attire? When I got my reviews from being a Teacher's Assistant there, a student wrote that I dressed frumpy. Well, I guess scrubs could be considered frumpy...

Knatolee said...

Oh my, I had a good laugh at those comments, ungrammatical though some of them were!

Since when can't a prof state her political views?!?! Geez, deal with it you sissy-students.