29 January 2007

FO and Concert

I finished my qiviut gloves last night and am wearing them this morning. They are so soft on the hands! Excuse the picture--it was taken by Thing 1. :-)

On Saturday we took the Things to San Francisco for a Dan Zanes concert. Here's a picture I shot from the car as we crossed the Altamont:

The concert was a lot of fun. Most of the kids there were Thing 2's age or younger. Thing 1 was one of the oldest kids there, which is ironic, since only she was able to sit still for an hour and really enjoy it. Most of the audience was pretty wiggly. The impression I got was that Dan Zanes is a nice guy who's genuinely enthusiastic about making good music for small people. And he's sure good at it--he's far and away my kids' favorite, and really the only musician they request by name.

After the concert we went out to lunch at Max's Opera Cafe. Here's a picture of Hubby and the Things outside the restaurant.


Kelly said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. Love the mitts!

Anonymous said...

yay! i am so glad to see you happily knitting again! the gloves are beautiful.

i am working away on you final package and should get it in the mail on thursday -- so look for it at the beginning of next week!

love, your pal

Knatolee said...

Oh! OH! OH! The qiviut handwarmer thingies are BEAUTIFUL!!!!