14 November 2007

Ah, sadness and woe

Text of card discovered on my bed last night:
Dear Dad & Mom,
Why do you keep grounding me? And by the way dad, [Thing
2] atcually started the throwing thing. Do you guys love me or not?
Love, Your daughter,
[Thing 1]
P.S. Did someone leave me on your doorstep or Did I come from your stomach?
The card also contains a four color illustration of four people in a house. The parents are frowning and telling a crying girl, "You are grounded for the rest of your life." Another girl is smiling and saying, "Yay. Tee hee." There are also four hearts, three of which have scribbles through the center, symbolizing heartlessness, perhaps, or broken hearts.


Robin's Reports said...

Poor thing.

Crowzma said...

Oh my God!! Are you still laughing?

eve said...

Oh my god - how sad and sweet is this???
Poor little Thing1 (you really should be better parents ;-) )!!

Hope she is feeling better today!

do you remember when you felt so unloved?? Arrrg, it was awfull!


Emily said...

I hope you keep that letter forever. It's priceless. My parents saved those types of letters in my baby book. Now, they're so fun to look at and laugh.