25 November 2007


Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend!


Knatolee said...

You go girlie! That is one big leg!

But I am fascinated by that... wine glass? in the right bottom corner of the picture!

Btw, I am finally catching up on my blog reading. We got a new service provider last week with accelerated dial-up, so instead of connecting at 26000 BPS, I am connecting at 44000 BPS, which makes blog reading a far less painful endeavour! :))))

Eventually we'll get satellite or microwave. No hope in hell of high speed here anytime soon!

Anonymous said...

LOL! It's good to see that my children's plates are not the only ones that contain exactly ONE bite of everything, except the one thing they will actually eat!

Happy Thanksgiving!


dephal said...

Yay for faster internet, Knat! :-) The cup in questions is a plastic tiki goblet containing sparkling apple cider. Doesn't everyone use these for special occasions?

And yes, SP, 1 bite of everything. This kid would happily live on nothing but bread and fruit (and an occasional turkey leg) if we let her. Which helps explain why none of her pants will stay up around her tiny waist.