08 November 2007

Lots of Stuff!

I have been remiss in my blogging, but this post helps make up for it. Prepare for lots of images!
I've signed up for another 8 weeks on ceramics, and last night I brought home some FOs.

The little bowl on the right is the very first thing I threw on the wheel. It's only slightly lopsided. I like the shape and how the glaze turned out. I'm not sure what to use it for. Condiments? Candy?
The thing on the left is an idea I had one day while knitting. I always end up with little pieces of yarn, which I place on the end table, but which inevitably end up on the floor. This vessel is for those little snips of yarn. Here's the other side of it:

And I often end up with an extra needle floating around, especially when I working on double points. They tend to roll away. So I made a place to stash them:

There's a matching hole on the other side, so I can just stick the needle(s) through.
Today I received a really wonderful package from Eve in Switzerland! Eve always sends me such nice things! Ruthie thinks so, too.

The calendar on the table is from the Barry Foundation. Eve made that really cute little bag. The yarn is one of my favorite colors, and it's a beautiful wool/cashmere blend. And Eve included some delicious-looking chocolate and other sweets. Thank you Eve!!
Finally, the California fuschia on my back patio looks gorgeous right now.

It's a little overgrown, but I won't let Hubby chop it back until it stops blooming. Not only do I like to look at it, but it's a hummer favorite. Although actually, the hummers seem to spend more time gaurding it than they do eating it. They hang out nearby, chirping loudly, and chasing away anyone else who gets near their treasure. I just saw one little guy go after some pigeons. Can you see him in the picture below, looking triumphant?


Kelly said...

Your doing great with your ceramics! Love the DP needle holder.

Anonymous said...

I love the pottery! I miss playing with mud....