17 November 2007


Don't tell Thing 1, but I had to share with you this note I found tucked in her backpack. Apparently she intends to bring it to school on Monday.

Dear Troy,
I love you. Did Aurora already tell you? Anyway, my mom, when me and her
were watching you do the g in cursive after I did the d in cursive she said she
thought you were cute to. (I told her I loved you.)
[Here, she just signed her initials]

T1 one brought home a video her teacher made of the kids practicing their cursive. And it's true--I did say Troy is cute. He is.

I'm thinking, though, that very few 8-year-old boys would be pleased to discover a classmate is in love with them and her mother thinks they're cute. I haven't decided whether to reveal to T1 that I read the note, and try to discourage her from giving it to him, or to remain silent and let her face her first heartbreak. Maybe we'll just have a general discussion about 8-year-old boys and their typical disinterest in romance.


Nancy said...

My oldest son told a number of friends that he liked a girl in 5th grade and then he did something she didn't like. I don't recall what and she told him that she knew he liked her but she would never like him after that.

Boys can be pretty sensitive too, sadly sensitive girls and sensitive boys never seem to find each other at that age!

Knatolee said...

Oh, that might be the sweetest love note I have ever seen!!!!
Hey, you met your hubby at 15. Imagine, seven years from now, T1 might discover that Troy will be her true love. HAHAHAHAHA! Can I peel you off the floor now?