20 November 2007

Gift Ideas that Give Twice

Around the corner from my office is a staff lounge room. I go in there periodically to use the microwave. While I'm waiting for my soup to heat, I like to peruse the interesting stack of literature that has accumulated on a table in there. There's a copy of an obscure medical journal, several New Yorkers, and--my favorite--acouple of romance novels. Recently, though, I noticed an interesting new magazine called GOOD. And thanks to Virgin Mobile, I learned this morning that if you subscribe now, 100% of the subscription cost ($20/yr) will be donated to your choice of 1 of 12 worthy causes. Here's the link. Sounds to me like a great gift idea, for yourself or someone else. Sorry, Canadians--you have to pay an extra $10 shipping. But at least you're paying it measly, nearly-worthless, greenbacks.

I think I posted this last year, but there are also some great things at The Hunger Site and its sister sites. Also, if you're planning some online shopping you might want to check out iGive. It has lots of major retailers, and they'll donate a portion of your purchase price to a charity of your choice.

There. Now go forth and shop. I'm already almost done--Hanukkah begins December 4 this year!

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