15 November 2007

Many FOs!

Look how productive I was yesterday! First off, I finished the Habu Textiles Kusha Kusha scarf. I like how it turned out--looks like something someone would wear to art school. Most of the scarf is knitted with a strand of thin merino and a strand of silk/stainless steel, but the final part is just the silk/stainless steel. And it's lightly felted, too. You can sort of scrunch and pull it into different shapes.

I also finished block #18 of Lizard Ridge. Take a look at this colorway!

And I brought home several ceramic FOs last night. I made plaques for the Things' rooms. T2 has an undersea theme, so she gets fish. T1 has a jungle, so she gets a flower. The spots in the flower and the top fish are actually bits of crushed colored glass (some of which used to be Hubby's beer bottles!), which were melted onto the clay during the final firing. I also quite like how the glaze turned out on the bottom fish. Very fishy, I think.

Here's my favorite thing I've made so far: a bowl that actually looks like a real bowl! Obviously, I threw this one on a wheel. I also like how the cobalt and white glazes turned out.

And finally, this little bowl/dish also came from the wheel. It looks like a cat dish to me, but my classmates suggested it'd make a good soap dish or pillar candle base.


Emily said...

Everything looks great! What Kureyon colorway is that? I love it. Very fun.

BTW, I just finished my first square today! I'm so proud of myself. I'll post a photo on my blog soon. I frogged it 3 times at the beginning as I was trying to figure out the pattern, but now I understand it and can't wait to finish the blanket.

Kim said...

Your ceramics look like real art! I especially like the glass accents. One of the reasons I really like knitting is that I get a rush of excitement when I look at the finished product and it resembles something you could buy in a store. Your pieces look professional too!

Kim said...

Thanks for your congratulations. I think I might be spending 9 months saying "Is it still alive?" (but maybe that's just a phase).

Angela said...

Love the color of this block! Reminds me of beachy colors, or maybe a really fun lollipop. Also love all the ceramics! Awesome job!