05 November 2007

The Joy of Monday

I'm still working on that Habu scarf kit. Ten billion rows of stockinette using--I kid you not--stainless steel yarn. My orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist would be so pleased. Meanwhile, I've caught a case of the Creeping Crud. I spent most of the weekend in bed, but I don't have time to be sick this week.

I was informed that today is supposed to be Green Day, or something. So I guess I can gloat that in the past two months, we've generated more electricity with our solar panels than we've used. So the power company gave us a credit. They also charged us an $11 "customer fee" each month. I think that since we're selling them the electricity, we ought to charge them a customer fee. Anyway, the fog will settle in soon--we've already had some foggy mornings--and then we'll be back in the red for a while.

Meanwhile, the Things have been creatively inventing new ways to be naughty:
T2--fell asleep wearing a poky, scratchy tiara
T1--used up 1/2 bottle of shampoo doing an "experiment" in her bathtub
T2--smuggled a pen into her room and used it to scribble on her footstool
T1--made some sort of concoction involving crushed Smarties in water, which she spilled on her bedroom carpet
T2--fell asleep with a poky, scratchy giant plastic flower
T1--either accidentally got hit in the mouth while playing with boy friend at school, or else deliberately licked his hand. The stories differ.
T2--learned to use the computer mouse and messed up my email; also managed to find and attempt to play Yahoo games, even though she can't read yet
T1--during sewing lesson, when thread slipped out of needle, said, "Goddammit!"
T2--hid a rather bulky stuffed cat between her mattress and the support boards
T1--tortured T2 by refusing to let her help empty the dishwasher (!)
T2--tried to "rescue" a snail out of her sister's fish tank, because "snails don't like water." (Did you know those little guys actually can survive several hours in a dry plastic cup?)


eve said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. We always get ill when we have no time for it.



Angela said...

I am SO sorry you're ill. I can say that with a lot of empathy, because I spent Tues-Fri last week at home, alternating between the bed and the couch. I think it must have been flu - four days of 102 fever. Ugh!!
Hope you feel better soon!