17 April 2007

Back in Stitches

Yay--my Knitting Spot is back! I'd show you a picture, but I'm back to living like a pioneer woman while they tile they backsplash. We had to turn off the electricity to the kitchen and laundry room, which also means we have no power in the study, master bedroom, upstairs hallway, and 2 of the upstairs bathrooms. Both computers are out, although I've jury-rigged something with the router and my laptop. Also, the entire kitchen is wrapped in paper, including the sink. All the appliances are out except the fridge, which is currently residing in the family room (much to Hubby's delight--only 2 steps from the couch to the beer!). However, we do have power in the family room, which means I can sit and knit and watch tv. Hooray!


Kim said...

Congratulations on your progress! Here's to a smooth finish.

Kelly said...

Glad you got your spot back!