01 April 2007


If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know I enjoy swapping. I've always loved getting surprises in the mail, and it's fun to send them too. I've completed quite a few swaps via Gimmeyourstuff. What's amazing is that so far, I have yet to be disappointed in a single swap--although I do have to exercise patience waiting for packages to get here from overseas. I've participated in several knitting-related secret pal exchanges, and been the recipient of some really lovely, generous gifts. I've gotten to know some amazing people, too! Several of you have jobs I really envy, and such interesting lives, plus you're so creative! I've also recently done several postcard swaps through Swap-Bot. And today one of my postcard swappees told me about Postcrossing, which is just way too tempting to pass up.

I wonder what people think when they receive a postcard from Turlock--and yes, you can actually purchase such an item. Does Turlock seem exotic to someone living in say, Finland or Thailand?


Kelly said...

Swaps are fun! I too like getting little suprises in the mail and the kids always like to see what's in the package.

Knatolee said...

Hey, TUrlock seems exotic to me. Get a load of those humungous SNAILS of yours!!! :)

Robin's Reports said...

Oh you just reminded me that I've got to get a pkg out to Heather Robertson who wants something spacey from the coast.

Did I tell you how much my kids loved Flat Stanley? I've got to start reading the dog book soon. I'm in the midst of 4 books. Ugh.

eve said...

Hi - I'm postcrossing too ;-) And I'm shure people like to know about turlock!


ajdury said...

I always wondered WHERE in the Central Valley you are! Turlock, eh? LOL! I'm over in Porterville - the other end of the Central Valley. Between Bakersfield and Fresno.

Keep on blogging - you're one of my favorites!