26 April 2007


Thank you, ladies, for all the great suggestions for that fabric! I definitely think the Loteria fabric needs to be a tote bag of some sort. I'm thinking the pink skulls would be awfully cute as a skirt for one of the Things. I need to find a really simple pattern. And maybe one of the others will be an apron. So many choices!! Something fun to think about when I ought to be grading or writing.

I received a GYS swap package today from Chiara in Italy. There was some pasta, of course, and some cute things, but this was my favorite:
How cool is that?!? Thing 1 is thrilled.

Speaking of Thing 1, today while she was emptying the dishwasher she informed me that her name is actually Gently Carefully Yesmom. Sounds good to me. She and I are heading to SF this weekend to visit SFMoMA and do some shopping. She's never been to an art museum and I think she'll enjoy it.


Robin's Reports said...

Very nice. I'm amazed that your Thing 1 would wear a skirt with skulls. My guys still get spooked with that. I also wanted to reinterate that I love you kitchen. So spacious!

Chiara said...

oh! Hi Phyllis I've just seen this post! I'm happy u like the snowglobe^_-
Have a nice day