12 April 2007


If you still care about the renovation saga, here's what my kitchen looks like at the moment.

And the family room. This picture looks like some sort of tragic accident, but it's just Ruthie enjoying the cool cement to nap on.

By the end of the day today, we should once again have countertops, a sink, and a dishwasher. My Knitting Spot won't return until Monday or so.


KarmasKreations said...

Just be glad you can use the toilet! I'm reminded of the time someone's husband decided to do a plumbing project at night, which resulted in no running water, leading to a late night family trip to the nearest Burger King!!!

dephal said...

My, whoever could that have been??

You can bet he gets reminded of that incident every time he begins a plumbing project.

eve said...

i'm shure it's worth the suffering - the end kitchen will bee sooo great!

Hugs Eve