24 April 2007


So I just acquired some really cool fabrics. See? I have no idea what I want to make with them, and I'm very open to suggestions! I have 1 yard of each except the pink skulls, of which I have 2 yards. Keep in mind I am not an experienced or talented seamstress, but I'm willing to learn new skills and I do own a sewing machine. And of course I won't get to this until after the semester is over, but I can dream now.
So, whatta ya think??


eve said...

Dear Phillis
There is sooo much you can sew - how would be as Tote as a Starter? Some girly bags for thing1 and 2. A skirt out of the pink skulls?
Mobile holder? and so on. You see, I have enough ideas for you and me!

Have a great day!


Leanne said...

That is awesome fabric! I especially like the one on the right - but they're all very cool.

How about drawstring WIP bags - something about the right size to hold a small project (like socks, or a dishcloth, or an afghan square).

ruthie said...

how about a totes, pouches or aprons??

Emily said...

I agree with the others: totes, pouches, holder for knitting needles.