07 April 2007


This summer will see the release of Spiderman 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Shrek 3, Hostel 2, Fantastic Four 2, another Die Hard movie, and probably many other sequels. I'm thinking maybe they could save resources by combining some of them. For example, we could have...

Spiders of the Caribbean!!

Maybe the dust is getting to me. Here is what's left of my kitchen:

We have no functional kitchen sink for the next 10 days. Great. Time to try every restaurant in town, I guess. And because some of us have spring break, I guess we'll be trying lunch specials around town, too.

Oh, and Knatolee, there's no actual picture of the mailbox in yesterday's post. I wasn't trying to drive you crazy. Our mailbox is pretty boring anyway--it's the kind that has individual locked boxes for everyone on the block. What you can see in the post is the book of postcards that arrived in the mailbox.


ruthie said...

Oh what a funny mixture of spiderman and pirates of the caribbean :-)
it's been a while, how's your hand? great I hope.
we have family visiting and eating out alot too. I'm sure your kitchen will look fantastic when you're done with the works.
enjoy the spring break!! we have springish weather over here yay!!!

Emily said...

The photo of your kid should be the official movie poster for "Pirates" and "Spiderman". SO much cuter.

Nancy said...

I love Spiders of the Caribbean!

Too cute.

Kelly said...

Lol, Spiders of the Caribbean! I hope you're feeling better!

Knatolee said...

Waaaaaaait a minute. Is that the book of postcards leaning up against the flowerpot? Because I thought that WAS the flowerpot! :)petnet7