15 April 2007

Order and Progress

My latest swapping goodness has arrived from south of the border. Waaaay south of the border actually: Brazil. My first South American swap. Cibele send so many wonderful things. To name just a few: yarn, tea towels, stickers, and earrings, all in the Brazilian national colors. I love the Brazilian flag, BTW, and I kinda dig the national motto, which is "order and progress." There are Portuguese dictionaries, which is great--a lot of people around here are from the Azores, and I've been wanting to pick up a bit of the language. Oh, and just so much more, including a bunch of snacks not pictured here, and snow globes that Thing 1 had already whisked away when I took the pic. Thank you so much, Cibele!
And yes, that's an actual floor in the picture! We are making progress and becoming more orderly. The floor is done. The sink is operational, as are all appliances except the stove. We just need to put all the furniture and stuff back, and for the next 3 days the backsplash will be installed. Then we can clean up the thick layer of dust that's over everything. I think tomight I'll get my Knitting Spot back. Hooray!!


Cibele said...

Hi! I am glad you liked the stuff I sent you. Hope we can do another swap someday!

Kelly said...

Looks like you got lots of fun goodies!