10 April 2007

Beaded FO

I just sewed the snaps on this little beauty, the Emerald Bracelet from Magknits. Obviously, I changed colorways--mine is more of a Cobalt Bracelet. There are several things about this that make me happy:
  1. The materials to make it (size 8 perle cotton and size 11/0 seed beads, plus a snap) cost a total of about $5.
  2. I did not go insane stringing over 1300 seed beads, one by frigging one.
  3. I did not end up with over 1300 seed beads accidentally being sent flying all over the couch and/or floor.
  4. I did not manage to injure myself on the size 0000 double points on which this was knitted.
  5. Knitting it took 3 evenings, which was less time than it took to string the beads--that took 4.
  6. I finished before my Knitting Spot went away.

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