06 April 2007

Cough cough cough

After a week and half of obnoxious hacking and coughing, and after everybody I know told me to go to the doctor, I actually did go to the doctor. Bronchitis. It makes it really hard to teach, but that's okay because spring break is upon us. In my case, spring break will mean a week of keeping Thing 2 and Ruthie out of the way of the counter and floor guys, but at least I don't have to talk for 3 hours a day to 110 people.

Thing 1 doesn't have next week off, but she did have off today. I was going to take her SFMoMA (where there's currently a Picasso exhibit) but didn't quite feel up to it. So instead we went to see Meet the Robinsons in 3D--and we both enjoyed it a lot. It's one of the better animated features I've seen in a while, and the 3D is fun without being overdone.

Darned if we didn't pass a nursery on the way home:

It's 80 degrees out today--time to plant! Among other things, I scored three kinds of lavender. I also bought some cherry tomatoes and sweet peppers, in the vain hope that the Things will eat more veggies if they grow them themselves. We also came home with a preying mantis egg case. We always end up with a lot of mantises anyway, but I guess the more the merrier. THere are plenty of aphids and things for them to gobble.

And if you look closely at the picture, you can see the lovely surprise that was waiting for me in my mailbox. Eve sent me a whole book of Barry Foundation postcards. What could be more fun than a bunch of Saint postcards directly from Switzerland? It was a wonderful surprise. Thank you, Eve!!


Knatolee said...

Okay, I don't see no steenkin' mailbox. Are you trying to make me crazier than I already am? :)

And the flowers are lovely, and I hope your bronchitis gets much better very soon!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful you got the cards as soon!
Hope your soon a lot better and I'm looking forward to see pictures of the new kitchen!

have a great easter party