19 April 2007

Power On!

The kitchen guys are done! We have power! We have counters and floors and appliances! We have dust everywhere, but that will soon be remedied. Here you can see what the kitchen looked like as they were installing the tile.

And here is Square #10, lounging against the new backsplash (before it was grouted).

My parents understand our situation completely, and sent us this sign. It's still in the kitchen, but it will also fit right in at work.

And finally, I received my first Postcrossing postcard--from Helsinki. How cool is that? And you know what? One of my cards made it from California to the Netherlands in 3 days! It can sometimes take mail longer than that to get to the next town over from here.

Tomorrow I'll post a pic of the (nearly) completed kitchen. I say nearly because there are still some smaller jobs awaiting Hubby, like moving and replacing light fixtures. But the really major stuff is done. :-)

Yesterday was a weird animal day here. At work, there was a Canada goose fast asleep in the middle of the road, one leg tucked up and its head under a wing. It didn't budge as cars carefully swerved around it, and also didn't seem bothered by the guys running a large tree shredder thing about 20 feet away. And then my evening ceramics class was attended by a gopher. The instructer caught it and took it away somewhere. I also saw a crow come within about 3 feet of flying into a girl who was walking across campus. What was up with the critters yesterday??


Emily said...

The goose wasn't dead? That must have been one tired goose.

Kelly said...

Looks like things are moving right along. I love the backsplash!

Knatolee said...

Boy, not one of my smarter fellow Canadians, eh? I'm glad he was apparently surviving his dangerous nap!