21 October 2006

Blogging from San Diego

I'm blogging from northern San Diego County, where we had beautiful weather for a day at Legoland. Here is how much I love my children and make sacrifices for them: there are several nice yarn stores nearby, nearly all of which are closed on Sundays. But instead of visiting them, we did the theme park, because we can't do Legoland tomorrow due to football game conflicts (ahem--notice just which parent made the sacrifice!). But we did have a good time, the Things behaved very well, and I can survive without more yarn. For now. I'll post pics in a few days, after we return home.

I'll also try to get a good pic of these enormous spiders that are all over the place here. They build these huge webs and sit in the middle, waiting, I guess, for big bugs. They're really pretty cool looking, but I've never seen such spiders, other than tarantulas. There must be a run on them now: there are many in my in-laws' yard, and we even spotted some today at Legoland. Appropriate for the season, anyway.

Tomorrow, our goal is the beach.

I do like San Diego.

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Kelly said...

You are a good mother! Sounds like a fun time! Have a good time at the beach!