02 October 2006

Monday Bits and Pieces

  • New MagKnits is up. I like the pumpkin basket.
  • One of my computers died the other day. Time for a new one, I guess.
  • Lindsay the Lizard, who hadn't been sighted in some time, made a reappearance this weekend, sunning herself on our garden wall. She's gotten considerably larger.
  • I'm going to buy that scarf kit from Habu. My Mom said I should, and one should never argue with one's mother.
  • It's fall here. It even rained a bit yesterday. This morning I saw a woman wrapped in a coat and scarf, I suppose because we'd reached those frigid lower 60s.
  • Thing 2 lost another tooth today. We're digging the gap-toothed look.
  • Just when you think politics is strange, it turns surreal.
  • I think CLusterMaps is having issues. For the last several days, it claimed nobody visited my blog, and today it says there were over 4000 visitors yesterday. Wow! I'm suddenly so popular!


Kelly said...

That pumpkin basket is cute. I also liked the wrist warmers and squiggle shawl.

Cute picture of your daughter. I love it when they those 2 front teeth. My son lost his over the summer.

Peg said...

Perfect timing for Halloween - she can be Vampira!

dephal said...

I agree, Kelly. Wouldn't wrist warmers in silk be nice?

And yes, I do love the Vampira look. Actually, she's decided to be a skeleton for Halloween (obviously influenced by her mother teaching forensics classes!) and I think the gap-toothed smile works well for that, too.

Polly said...

Thanks for getting your questions up. I will get you matched up soon ./hostes nic

dephal said...

Thanks, Nic! I'm looking forward to it!