17 October 2006

British Swap

Today I got my package from Jean, my GYS swap pal in England. It made it here in a week, which is amazing, considering it takes longer than that to get packages from within the US. I'm now in pleased possession of five ahem, four Curly Wurly bars, as well as a sizable stash of other chocolates, plus yarn, a stamping magazine, a Lush bubblebar (I love Lush!), and a very nice necklace that Jean made herself. Jean also sent a Scottish snowglobe for Thing 1.

Qiviut and Curly Wurly. Who could ask for a better week?


Kelly said...

Great package!

Knatolee said...

Lush! I love Lush. There is a store in Ottawa. There is a great Mexican restaurant a few doors up from it. While we were eatig lunch, you could faintly smell Lush in the air. :)

dephal said...

I'm not sure how well Lush mixes with Mexican food, but I do love Lush. There's one in San Francisco, but I rarely make it there. I think the last time I visited Lush was in February, at Covent Garden. I especially love their solid shampoos, because they're so great for travel. And everything smells so goooood.

Knatolee said...

Oooh! I just bought two of their shampoos the other day. I was impressed that I got out of the store without spending more than $38.00 :)

They gave me a free hair glitter bar. I am going to have to glitter up for the holiday season, i guess!