28 October 2006


I must have some sort of very special luck which allows me to get the best Secret Pals. Today--already!--I received my first package from my SP9 Pal. She's obviously been reading about my love of Kureyon, and there are also 2 balls of dreamy soft alpaca (it's Misti Alpaca, the same yarn Leanne used for my ISE scarf, but in blue this time). There was some chocolate in there, too, but...ahem...it seems to have disappeared. There were also two lovely postcards, including my first from Stockholm. And it all came in this wonderful Lantern Moon basket:

You can fold the top half of the basket down inside. I've been eyeing these for some time and trying to justify buying one for myself. Thanks to my Pal, I don't have to think up an excuse! :-)

Thank you, Pal!!


Anonymous said...

yay! I am so glad you liked your gifts!! (we had some leftover candy from your package, too, but the Dog ate it on Wed night when we went out to eat....luckily he wasn't hurt, but now I really want a snickers!)

I already have a great idea for package #2...I hope it lives up to this one. (and all of your other great swap gifts!!)

Love, your secret pal.

p.s. -- your kiddos in shorts! i'm jealous and the real winter hasn't even begun here yet!!!

Kelly said...

You do have a great pal! Love the lattern moon basket!

dephal said...

Yes, it's still shorts weather here during the day, although it's been in the low 40s at night. It usually doesn't stay "cold" here until about Thanksgiving, and some people, like Hubby, wear shorts year-round.

I'm glad the dog didn't get sick from the chocolate. Guess you'll just have to quality test some Halloween candy. ;-)

Polly said...

And she sent you 2 cute blonde children. What a generous pal!

dephal said...

I'll tell you, there are moments when I tempted to send those two cute blonde children to someone else ;-)