27 October 2006


I started physical therapy today for my CTS. The therapist says I have to use my hand less. I have 80 midterms waiting to be graded, weeds that need pulling and plants that need planting, a house that needs cleaning, and a sweater that's 75% done. Hmmm. Which thing(s) should I skip?


Kelly said...

I say skip everything but the knitting! Lol

Leanne said...

Oh, oh, this is easy. I know, I know.

The first to go is the housework. Hands down, no question, outta here. Next, the weeds and planting. Gone. Bye bye. Surely there's a nice local teenager you could hire to do that while you supervise from a chair while you sit and knit?

Grading - you probably have to do that. That pays the bills. Knitting must stay of course. It's a matter of your sanity! How can you be expected to grade papers if you've become insane.

I've heard that some people find that knitting aggravates their CTS less if they switch from English to Continental (or vice versa). Perhaps this is a good time to learn a new technique!

dephal said...

I think you both have it just right! :-)

The PT tried to tell me I should exercise instead of knitting because "exercise de-stresses you, too." Uh-huh. And broccoli tastes as good as chocolate, too. Yep.

I have a rather eccentric way of holding my needles, actually, and it doesn't hurt at all. But the PT says my hands just plain old need to work less. So out goes the housework and gardening. :-)

Knatolee said...

How do you NOT use your hands?! Yeeesh!

Keep on knitting. It's hand aerobics. It's exercise. It's good for you!