12 October 2006

Home again

What should have been about a 3 hour drive home today turned into a 5 hour marathon, as Caltrans edneavored to torture me with constant obnoxious construction projects. But when I finally arrived home, there were surprises waiting!

There were packages from 2 Natalies in 2 different former British colonies, each package containing snow globes! It was a Natalie jackpot! As you can see, Thing 1 is delighted. Thank you so much, Knatolee and Natalie!! Her collection is getting quite impressive.

And for me, there was a postcard from Mozambique from my wonderful Scarf Exchange Secret Pal. I don't know where in the world you are right now, Pal, but have a safe trip home. I've so enjoyed the postcards!

There was also a package from Habu Textiles. My scarf kit arrived. :-)


Your secret scarf pal said...

I am now back home. The trip by plane is much faster than the trip by mail :-). I'm so glad you have enjoyed the postcards. I had fun sending them. You can imagine what a joy it was to read that you had a postcard collection, with none from Africa, shortly before I left for a trip to Africa! Made my job easy.

And speaking of trips, I made a trip to the post office this week :-). It will still take some time before you receive anything, but it is on its way.

Your secret scarf pal

dephal said...

I'm glad you made it back home safely. I can't believe the luck I had in being assigned a SP who happened to be about to go to Africa! And who was willing to send me all those great post cards.

I can't wait to see the scarf!

Knatolee said...

I think that's pretty cool that you are collecting Natalie/Knatolee snowglobes. :)

Hmmmm... I'll have to see if I can find a snowglobe on our next exotic trip!

NattyChick said...

She sure does look happy. I will definitely keep my eyes open for any more interesting snowglobes in the future.