19 October 2006

Qiviut Synchronicity

Okay, this is very strange. On Monday I received my ball of qiviut yarn from Knatolee. On my knitting pattern a day calendar, Monday's pattern was for a qiviut hat. And in today's issue of Knitter's Review, the subject is the Alaskan Yarn Expo, which featured...qiviut yarn.

Obviously, the gods are sending me a message.


It was official as of yesterday: I have carpal tunnel sydrome in my right wrist. Fortunately, it doesn't hurt when I knit. We're going to try anti-inflammatories and physical therapy for a few weeks before contemplating surgery. If any of you have experience with this, I'd appreciate input.

Who needs a right hand anyway?


The stingrays are out to get us.


Yesterday I got another postcard from Africa from my Scarf Exchange Pal. This means I've had great surprises in the mail every day so far this week! :-)


I also received the first issue of Craft magazine today. It has an interesting range of projects, including some that involve skills way out of my league (such as wiring LED lights onto a shirt). I don't think there's any project in this issue that particularly calls to me, but it was interesting to read, and could be a good source of inspiration. I do have one quibble: I don't consider making hard cider (one of the projects in this issue) to be a craft.

The Things and hubby and I are off to San Diego tomorrow for a long weekend. Legoland calls.


Peg said...

I don't consider making hard cider (one of the projects in this issue) to be a craft.

But every CRAFT brewer in the country will disagree with you. :)

dephal said...

I thought about that when I typed my entry. But I usually think of craft brewing as being opposed to large scale (homogeneous) brewing. But I guess you could definitely argue that creating small batches of homebrews is a craft. In any case, it's not an activity I'm likely to take up, although I'll happily drink someone else's efforts.

KarmasKreations said...

Geez, sorry to hear about you suffering from carpal tunnel in your right hand. I told you left hands are better! (-; If it makes you feel any better, I just found out that I probably have hypothyroidism and may have to take yet another medication. Ironically, it would be the same one my special dog used to take!

dephal said...

If I could manage with my left hand, I would!

Sorry about the diagnosis, but since you already share asthma meds with a cat, should this surprise you??

Knatolee said...

Must...knit...qiviut. Must!!

Sorry about the carpal tunnel! :( I am sending special healing zen for you. Thank God you can still knit!!!