11 October 2006

Living with rejection

Thanks for the sympathy for my rejection, ladies! I drowned my sorrow today with a trip to Jimmy Bean's Wool. I'd been to their Truckee location, but never before their Reno place. They carry a bunch of Manos, Lorna's Laces, Nashua Handknits...let's just say I had no problem cheering myself up. :-) And Dee, thanks for the Island of Misfit Patterns idea!

I'm having a nice time here. The conference is good and my presentation went well. Most of my department is here, along w/some graduate students, and we had a lovely dinner together. Now I'm looking out my window towards the moon--very pretty.

And another cheery thing: Alvina in Singapore and Ada in Romania both received their swap packages from me today. It's such fun to know someone thousands of miles away is opening a package you send them! I also received my pal for Secret Pal 9 today, and I already have some ideas for her. :-)


Kelly said...

I've bought from Jimmy beans wool a few times but I've never actually been there. It sounds like a great place to drown your sorrows!

Anonymous said...

oh...so sorry about the knitty rejection. i can't wait to see your pattern, though!!!

your secret pal

dephal said...

Jimmy Beans is great. It's not a huge store, but they carry nice things, and the people who work there are very nice.

I will post the pattern as soon as I find it. I think it's on my computer that died, so I'm hoping I can still retrieve it!