07 October 2006


In celebration of Thing 1's birthday we decided to feed the town's children to snakes.

Actually, we had the Travelzoo guy come, and he entertained the crew with various reptiles, birds, and bugs. He managed to keep a dozen or so kids (plus various neighbor kids who happened by and joined the audience) enthralled for 2 hours, which is a minor miracle.

Aside from the critters, the other highpoint was the Cavity Candy Cone. I got the idea last year in a magazine, I think. Last year's theme was Halloween, and of course this year's was creatures. That's styrofoam under the icing.
The kids loved picking all the candies off and eating them. Of course, there was cake and ice cream too. Then we sent all the kids home, full of sugar.

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Kelly said...

How cool a traveling zoo! Sounds like the kids had a wonderful time. Love the candy cone.

Happy Birthday to Thing 1!